School of Restoration

School of Restoration is a program designed to help Christians and Non-Christians find freedom from all types of struggles that we face from day to day.  Our goal is to reach out to those people sitting in the pews of our churches and to those outside of the church.  Many People live in this focus driven society trying hard to make the outside of their life look good and fit in while the truth of the matter is people are struggling on the inside.

Christians and Non-Christians have learned what to say, how to say the right things, and how to act.  Many are just “getting by” while trying to escape the reality of what is happening on the inside of their life.

This ministry will focus on the inside of our life more than the outside of our life.  We deal with, but not limited to, the following items:

Drugs and alcohol use
Prescription medication abuse

Wrong desires
Wrong feelings
Troubled thinking

Hurt, loneliness
Shameful past, regret
Fears, worry, inferiority
Defeat, worthlessness, failure
Depression (wounded emotions)

Anger management
Traumatic events (death in family, abandonment, car wrecks …)

Broken relations
Re-establishing trust
Marriage restoration
Family restoration and rebuilding

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“An Addiction to anything is an outside manifestation

of an inward problem”

Please feel free to contact us or visit us at:

	School of Restoration 
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1432 Foley Alabama 36536

Physical Address:  17041 U.S. Hwy 98 Foley, Alabama 36535

Telephone:  251-965-2080 (leave a message)