Here is a brief overview of what we teach in the School of Restoration.  The information provided is taken from the Table of Contents of our training literature.   Each student is required to complete the work in all 16 chapters to graduate.  The course requires approximately 6 months to complete.

Chapter 1 Confusion in the Creation (Understanding how we were created in the image of God) – We study the Spirit, Soul, and Body to learn why there is such a battle wanting to do right and wanting to not do right at the same time. “For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would.” Gal 5:1

Chapter 2 Understanding Biblical Salvation– It is only Jesus that sets free and changes a life not a program.

Chapter 3 For We Wrestle (Spiritual Warfare) – Dealing with our thoughts.

We look at the three lies of Satan:
He will lie to you about who God is:
God is mean
God is hateful
God is not a loving God
God will not forgive you
God does not care about you
And many more…

He will lie to you about who you are:
You are no good
Others are better than you
You are a failure
God would never use you
There are better people than you
You blew it with God
You will never change
And many more..

He will lie to you about who others are:
People don’t care about you
People are talking about you
People are laughing at you
They will make fun of you
No one really cares
You are all alone
And many more…

Chapter 4 Hurt with Much Damage – Overcoming bitterness, rejection,
unforgiveness, and dealing with the past.

Chapter 5 Let Go and Let God – How to let go of the hurt and let go of the past so that we can let God.

Chapter 6 Closing the Doors – Closing the many doors in life that we have opened that we should not have opened.

Chapter 7 The Law of Influence – The Eye Gate, the Ear Gate, Touch, Taste, and Smell.  This Chapter was from a message I preached.  A magazine editor in Texas heard the sermon and ask permission to transcribe the sermon for use in their magazine.

Chapter 8 Overcoming Insecurities and Fears – The Bible says “Men’s hearts failing them for fear”. Did you know the number 1 disorder in America that surpasses Alcoholism and Depression is Anxiety?

Chapter 9 Blind Spots – Becoming and remaining teachable.

Chapter 10 Public World Verses Private World (Outer world and Inner World) – Facing anger, control of people, and circumstances in your life.   People dress up their outer world while the inside of them is falling apart.

Chapter 11 God Isn’t Listening When I Pray (How to pray) –

There are 3 Answers to Prayer:
Yes, No, and Not Now.

Chapter 12 6 Ways God Communicates

Bible reading
Preaching, teaching, singing
Through people
Through prayer
Through circumstances

Chapter 13 Why Do People That Come To God NOT Get Set Free – The end of this class will prove that they never came to God. We know anyone can come to God and get set free!!

Chapter 14 Finding Gods Power – Authority versus power.

Chapter 15 Grace, Temptation and the Tempter – Experiencing God’s grace and identifying the tempter.

Chapter 16 Knowing God’s Will – Part of knowing God’s will is identifying the spiritual gift/gifts God has given you.  Each student will take a 150 question Spiritual Gift test.  God has gifted each Christian with a spiritual gift.  Using your spiritual gift is one way to know God’s will for your life!